Accidents Caused by Defective Cars

In many cases, car and truck accidents are caused by automobile defects.  These result in what are known as product liability cases.

In general, the manufacturers of vehicles have a duty to ensure that their products are safe. Accidents, however, are sometimes caused by products that are defective.  These products may be defective in either performance (such as when a defective tire blows out which leads to a crash) or in design (such as if the cage of a car was not designed to properly protect occupants in the case of a rollover).

The Liability of Automobile Manufacturers for Defective Products

In some instances, the defect may have directly caused the accident.  As an example, a tire may suddenly blow out which leads to a crash.  In other automobile product liability cases, the defect may not have contributed to the crash, but the defect may have resulted in the injuries being far more serious than should have occurred.

For example, if a drunk driver crashes into another vehicle, the drunk driver will likely have liability.  However, if the seatbelt worn by the non-drunk driver fails to work properly, that driver may have sustained far more serious injuries than should have been the case.  In such a case, the automobile manufacturer may also share liability for the defective seatbelt, to the extent that the injuries should have been far less.

Product liability cases are often complex. They typically involve experts who must carefully review the detailed evidence concerning the manufacturing and testing of products.

Additionally, large companies, such as automobile manufacturers and the manufacturers of other products that cause injury, typically fight back hard to deny liability.  They often have many lawyers and their own set of experts that will seek to show that their products are safe.

If you have been injured or family member has been killed by a possibly defective product, please call us so that we can meet with you to learn about your case. There is no charge for this meeting, and once we learn about your case, we can explain to you what is required under the law to recover in a product liability case.  If we are retained, our firm will represent you on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you will owe us no fees unless and until we recover damages for you.

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