Car, Truck & Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents result in the loss of time, property, health, and even life. Such accidents occur because of elements including driver error, negligence, manufacturing defects and dangerous weather. No matter what the specific cause or result, a crash can turn a normal day into a life-altering event.

Car and truck accidents are some of the most common causes of injury and death in the United States.  Each year, according to the national Highway transportation authority (NHTSA) approximately 2.4 million people are injured and approximately 32,885 people are killed in the United States due to car and truck accidents.

We represent people in Casa Grande, Arizona, Coolidge, Eloy, Florence, and the surrounding communities who have suffered injuries in motor vehicle accidents. These accidents include cars, trucks, semi-trailers, bicycles, motorcycles and pedestrians. Learn how we can represent you if you’ve suffered a motor vehicle accident.

Proving fault in a car accident case can be complex.  We often hire accidents reconstructionists and other experts as necessary to help prove fault.

If you have been injured in a car, truck, or other vehicle accident, please call us. We will meet with you for a free consultation, and we can explain your options for financial recovery against those responsible for your injuries.

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