Arizona Dust Storms and Highway Accidents

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In Arizona, dust storms arise suddenly and can quickly cause blackout conditions on the highways. When this happens, the safest conduct for drivers is to completely exit the highway if possible. Find a parking lot or other safe location to wait out the storm. If this is not possible, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation (“AZDOT”), drivers should: Look for a safe place to pull completely off the paved portion of the roadway, Turn

Arizona Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Accident Statistics – What Can Be Done to Prevent Injuries and Death?

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According to the national Arizona Department of Transportation (“AZDOT”), in 2013, there were approximately 107,348 total recorded vehicle related crashes, resulting in 34,047 injuries and 777 deaths in the State of Arizona. The breakdown of the types of vehicles involved in the 107,348 crashes is : Cars: 70.47% or 143,944 Pickup Trucks & Vans: 17.46% or 35,672 Motorcycles: 1.54% or 3,153 Commercial Trucks & Buses: 5.79% or 11,826 Other Vehicles: 4.73% or 9,644 Of the

If No Ticket Was Issued, Does this Mean the other Driver Was Not Negligent?

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If you’ve been injured in a car, truck, or other vehicle accident, you may be curious whether the driver who caused the accident received a ticket and how this could affect your case. Negligence is Not the Same as a Traffic Violation  In a civil case for damages resulting from a vehicle crash, as a basis for seeking compensation, the person injured ordinarily will claim that the other driver was negligent. Negligence is a legal

Home Depot, Target and Other Security Breaches – Your Rights

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Over the past couple of years, there have been major security breaches at some of the largest retail companies and financial institutions concerning data breaches of the personal financial information of millions of consumers. As of this posting, Home Depot has just notified millions of customers of a breach involving their records. When financial institutions, retailers, and others responsible for client information have that information stolen through their negligence, they can be liable for the

What is Whiplash?

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Whiplash is sometimes portrayed as a “made up” injury claimed by some people as a way to get money when they have been in an accident, but are not really injured. The fact is, whiplash is a violent, painful, often debilitating injury. Whiplash injuries commonly occur when a person’s head is violently forced in a direction during a motor vehicle collision.  In a rear collision, a person’s neck may hyperextend backwards, as the seat is

Understanding the Obligations of Arizona Insurance Companies in Vehicle Accidents

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We’ve been told by television commercials repeatedly that insurance companies are our friends, and if we’re injured, they will be there to help us.  But when an accident happens, the promised help often isn’t there.  After an accident, there can be confusion about the obligations of insurance companies, particularly if the other driver at fault has the same insurance company as we have. The following is a short summary of the obligations of Arizona insurance

What Happens at a Mediation?

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Mediations are often arranged as an attempt to settle lawsuits without the time and expense of going to trial.  In some jurisdictions, specified matters must go to mediation before trial.  In other cases, the court may order mediation, or the parties and their lawyers may agree to a mediation. In Arizona, before a personal injury case will be set for trial, the parties almost always will be required to participate in mediation or another form of

Understanding Arizona Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

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Uninsured motor vehicle coverage helps protect the driver and driver’s passengers injured by another driver who has no insurance. Underinsured motor vehicle coverage helps protect when the other driver does not have enough insurance to pay all damages caused by the collision. Uninsured and underinsured coverages are important because if the driver causing the accident is uninsured or underinsured, your insurance will “step in” and pay for damages  you sustain, including lost wages and pain and

Recovering for Future Damages in an Arizona Personal Injury Case

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In Arizona and most other states, claims for all personal injury damages must be brought at the time of trial.  In cases of significant injury, damages may be ongoing when a trial takes place.  Damages such as future pain and suffering, or the cost of future surgeries and medical treatment, may not be known with certainty.  What is the best course to insure that all damages are recovered? When is the Best Time to Bring

Arizona Dram Shop Law and Liability

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“Dram shop” is a legal term used in the United States that refers to the liability of restaurants, bars, and other commercial establishments if they provide alcohol to patrons after the patrons have become intoxicated, or to minors, and these people injure or kill others.  In the United States, state laws generally provide that establishments can be held liable for the consequences that result from providing alcohol to minors or from over-serving intoxicated patrons. Arizona

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