Understanding the Obligations of Arizona Insurance Companies in Vehicle Accidents

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We’ve been told by television commercials repeatedly that insurance companies are our friends, and if we’re injured, they will be there to help us.  But when an accident happens, the promised help often isn’t there.  After an accident, there can be confusion about the obligations of insurance companies, particularly if the other driver at fault has the same insurance company as we have. The following is a short summary of the obligations of Arizona insurance

Understanding Arizona Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

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Uninsured motor vehicle coverage helps protect the driver and driver’s passengers injured by another driver who has no insurance. Underinsured motor vehicle coverage helps protect when the other driver does not have enough insurance to pay all damages caused by the collision. Uninsured and underinsured coverages are important because if the driver causing the accident is uninsured or underinsured, your insurance will “step in” and pay for damages  you sustain, including lost wages and pain and

Allstate Denies Claim, Then Includes Destroyed Home in TV Ad About “Caring”

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It is far too common for insurance companies to wrongfully deny legitimate claims, betting that ordinary consumers will walk away rather than challenge these billion dollar bullies.  Allstate Insurance recently denied the claim of a couple whose home was destroyed by super storm Sandy, yet still had the gall to show the couple’s home in a national television advertisement about how much Allstate “cares.” All Allstate and other insurers care about is your premiums; heaven help you if you dare try to use what

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