Our Office Building

In 1983, back when the firm was known as Cole & O’Neil, we began a search for a historical building, but finally concluded there were no available buildings to suit our needs. We decided to recreate a “historical building” that would reflect Arizona’s history and the flavor of Casa Grande.

Built by local contractor, Jim Hatfield, and completed in 1986, the building can be best thought of as an “Arizona Territorial” architectural style.  It was patterned after the earliest Pinal County Courthouse in Florence, Arizona, and the 1895 Rosson House, a Victorian style residence located at Historic Heritage Square, 7th Street & Monroe, in downtown Phoenix.

The copper roof of the building speaks to the copper mining which, with cotton, cattle and citrus (the four C’s), provided an early economic base for Casa Grande and Pinal County. The traditional architectural lines reflect the legal profession’s adherence to tradition and precedence.

An old world carpenter constructed the spiral staircase; the doors and fireplace mantel are period antiques; the lighting fixtures, windows and coverings, picture moldings, doors, and frames reflect the styles of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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